The Right Honourable President’s Message on the International Labour Day (May 1), 2021

Message on International Labour Day (May 1), 2021

On the occasion of International Labour Day (May 1), 2021. I would like to express my heartfelt good
wishes for the happiness, peace and prosperity to all Nepali sisters and brothers living in home and
abroad. On this occasion, I would also like to express deep gratitude to all workers who have been
working persistently for the progress and prosperity of the country.
International Labour Day (May 1) is celebrated as an opportunity to raise awareness for the solidarity of
workers around the world and respect for labour. I believe that this day will help in uniting all workers
for the protection of their rights.
While celebrating May Day this year, we have been suffering from the severe global pandemic of COVID-
19. At one hand many workers working in the informal sectors such as tourism and hospitality, private
educational institutions and entertainment, have lost their jobs and at other hand, workers in essential
service sectors such as health, security, sanitation and transport, have been risking their lives by taking
lead in the fight against the epidemic. While expressing heartfelt gratitude to the frontline workers
against the epidemic, I would like to draw the attention of all concerned to make proper arrangements
for their safety and providing incentives along with ensuring proper livelihood for workers who have lost
their jobs.
It is essential to build an independent and self reliant economy by increasing national production
through the development of entrepreneurship for the economic prosperity of the country. The
contribution of the entrepreneurs investing their capital and the workers investing their labours and
skills are equally important for the development of entrepreneurship in the country. For this, production
and productivity should be increased by creating decent work environment. I am of the opinion that the
living standard of the workers can be raised only by equitably sharing the profits earned from the
combination of the capital and the labor.
While the nation is moving towards building socialism oriented economy by constitutionally ensuring
human rights and basic values of the democracy, the government of Nepal is committed to create
gainful employment for all by respecting labour, safe work place, social security, participation of the
workers in the policy decisions affecting their lives and ending all forms of discriminations including
gender biases. These efforts are gradually being rewarded as well with positive outcomes. I believe that
with these meaningful initiatives, it will be possible to achieve common national aspiration of '
Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepalis' along with poverty eradication and ensuring social security.
The government of Nepal has issued prohibitory orders in various cities and districts to break the chain
of spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19) as the infection rate has escalated due to its second global
wave. Although these orders have created some difficulties in the livelihood, I heartily urge all to follow
these regulations strictly and adhere to the health standards which have been issued by the government
giving utmost priority to protect the peoples' lives.

Finally I would like to express my good wishes that may this International Labour Day inspire all to move
towards creating a dignified work environment by ensuring workers' rights including employment
generation , respect for labour, proper wages and social security.
Thank You.
Saturday May 1, 2021