Rt. Honorable President Mrs Bidya Devi Bhandari’s Speech at the Enlivening and Inaugural Event of Shree Radhakrishna Temple in Lalbandi, Sarlahi

President of Enlivening and Inaugural Event of Shree Radhakrishna Temple

Honorable Members of Parliament

Personalities Associated to the Construction of Shree Radhakrishna Temple

Inhabitants of Sarlahi district

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I would like to extend my hearty thanks to the organizers for inviting me at this inauguration and enlivening event of Radhakrishna Temple, constructed with the contribution of local community, and providing me opportunities to observe this region and directly meet up with the local people. The temple is a holy shrine situated in Lalbandi city in Sarlahi, one of the important districts of Nepal, endowed with natural beauty, river, lakes and ponds, archeological, cultural, and religious heritage.

It is praiseworthy and exemplary in itself that the way the contributions and donations were voluntarily received from people of different areas for the establishment of this temple.  Like drops accumulate to fill a bucket, the establishment of this holy temple is an exceptional example of cooperation symbolizing the faith of many communities who invested their devotion and hard work in the construction process. I believe that the temple constructed with your hard work, devotion and dedication is a monument of community, and it will inspire us to utilize the budget allocated by government for local development works in a more effective manner.

The long political transition has caused negative effects on different areas of the society. In many sectors it has created chaos. It has also negatively affected our civilization, culture and humanism. By reducing and ultimately eliminating the different kind of negative effects, I believe that your exemplary work will impart a message to all concerned people to create a moral, peaceful, happy, and goodwill society. For this, I would like to reiterate my sincere thanks to organizers, contributors, and the inhabitants this district.

On the one hand, Sarlahi district is important for the plenty of historical heritages in addition to its cultural, religious, social goodwill, and unity; on the other, it is necessary to utilize the natural resources available here. For this, it is equally necessary for us to be devotedly engaged for appropriate utilization, commercialization, and modernization of these nature’s gifts and riches.  Agriculture development mainly vegetable and fruit production, sugarcane farming, fish production has secured a level of recognition of this district. For this success, I would like to congratulate the hardworking farmers of Sarlahi district and praise their efforts to make the country economically developed and independent. I also urge to draw attention of governmental, non-governmental, private sectors for the utilization of additional contributions to make this campaign even more active and stronger.

As the Nadhiman Lake situated in Chandra Nagar village is not only an asset of this area but also a national resource with natural, cultural and religious importance, giving appropriate attention for its conservation and propagation and developing it as an excellent tourist spot shall make it an important medium for local people to increase employment and income. Assimilating this Lake’s historical and cultural importance, the Government of Nepal has been conserving and propagating it through Rastrapati Chure Terai Madhes Samrakshan Vikas Samiti. I believe that the attention of inhabitants of this district and all other concerned will be directed to it.

In the end, I thank all individuals present here despite the difficult weather, and I also would like to extend my hearty good wishes to all on the occasion of Shree Krishna Janamastami, Teej, Jitiya and Gaura festivals.

Thank you!