Right Honorable President’s Message on the Occasion of Sonam Lhosar 2073

On the occasion of the great festival of Tamangs, I would like to express my heartfelt good wishes to all Nepalese.

Tamang brothers and sisters residing at home and abroad for their happiness, peace, prosperity, and steady progress.

In our country of racial, religious, and cultural diversity, the Tamang communities celebrate this festival as New Year and Nwagi worship with great enthusiasm and mirthful happiness. Celebrated with mutual exchange of happiness and entertainments, the festival enhances to maintain brotherhood and mutual goodwill. It is our onerous responsibility to preserve and strengthen such festivals and cultures thereby ascertaining our journey toward prosperity.

As a part of entire Nepali culture of great diversity, Tamang as ethnic community and its culture is unique, developed, rich, and prosperous. I wish that may this great festival inspire us all to sustain unity, goodwill, friendship, cooperation, and tolerance by spreading the message of peace with new enthusiasm and happiness.

Thank you!

Saturday 28 January 2017