Right Honorable President Mrs Bidya Devi Bhandari’s Message on the Occasion of Makar Sakranti and Maghi Parva 2073

On the occasion of the great festival of Makar Sakranti and Maghi Parva 2073, I would like to express my heartfelt good wishes to all Nepalese brothers and sisters residing at home and abroad for their happiness, peace, prosperity, good health, and steady progress.Celebrated with delicacies like yam, edible roots, butter, molasses balls, comfit with sesamum seed, and mix rice and the exchanges good wishes and happiness, this festival is instrumental in fostering brotherhood, unity and goodwill among all Nepalese people. It is our common responsibility to preserve and propagate such festivals and cultures celebrated in our country.

I wish that may this great festival as an important part of Nepalese cultural diversity add up enthusiasm and encouragement and enhance peace, unity, goodwill, and tolerance among all Nepalese people.

Thank you!

Saturday14January 2017