Message on the Beginning of Vaccination Campaign against COVID-19

 Dear sisters and brothers,

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge human civilization and development. Millions of people have lost their lives, and billions of others have been affected by this pandemic. Our country could not remain an exception.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the doctors, nurses, other health workers, security forces, and sanitation workers including those serving at the frontline of the campaign against COVID-19. The communities and family members who have supported in creating a conducive atmosphere for the frontline workers deserve our best honours.

Because of the efforts of science for controlling this pandemic, effective vaccines have been invented and now rolled out for public usage. This has created new hope and confidence around the world. On behalf of Nepal, I would like to thank all countries, institutions, and scientists who conducted researches and developed vaccines.

Nepal has a precisely clear perspective that a just distribution of vaccines at an appropriate price should be availed for all countries around the world.

I am glad that Nepal launches the vaccine campaign within forty-five days of the beginning of the global vaccine campaign against COVID-19. This includes Nepal in the list of countries availing the vaccine to people in the first phase. I appreciate the decision of the Government of Nepal that the vaccine will be availed free of cost on a priority basis to all individuals, beginning with those in the high-risk category including health workers at the frontline of prevention, control, and treatment against the pandemic. The Government of Nepal will make gradual arrangements for availing the vaccine to all citizens.

I believe that the participation of all segments of society including people’s representatives, social workers, security forces, health workers, and media persons is crucial to make the vaccination campaign successful.

Lastly, I would like to appeal to all for mandatorily using masks even after the vaccination, maintaining a distance of two meters from one another, cleaning hands regularly with soap-and-water or sanitizer.

Thank you!

Bidya Devi Bhandari

Wednesday 27 January 2021